Erotic massage is something that I personally completely love. There is nothing better than when you are turned on and your partner comes and starts giving you an erotic massage Bratislavatantra… I have an amazing boyfriend because he knows exactly what turns me on and what I like. We are like one soul, and we know almost everything about each other, and I really like that, and it excites me. There isn`t a day when my boyfriend doesn`t want to please me with something. He is very nice and takes care of me. When he starts touching me, I immediately get excited. We understand each other very well, both in sexual and intimate life and as partners.


My favourite thing is when my boyfriend starts stroking me down there. I am absolutely the happiest. He actually started giving me erotic massage at the beginning of the relationship because he saw that I liked it. I was completely blown away by how he perceives everything and how he tries. Would you also like to give your partner an erotic massage? You sure know how to do it. If not, you will find out in this article, so read on. Erotic massage is completely simple, and anyone can learn it. It is enough if you start touching your partner first, in the places where it excites him the most. You start to turn him on, just touching him turns him on. And when you add kissing and caressing to that, you know how finished you`ll be?


You can`t even imagine that. And if you don`t like erotic massage the first time, it doesn`t matter at all, you will learn everything when you practice erotic massage with your partner. And this can bring more variety to your sex life, and your sex life will not be just a routine, but an exciting fairy tale. So, try it. You won`t pay anything to try, and you will definitely succeed. You don`t have to worry. You have to try and muster up all the courage. Erotic massage is something wonderful that can evoke passion, intimacy and beautiful memories between two partners. Give it a try and then let me know how it went. You can definitely do it!